I'm Roxanne Allaire, a Gifted Coach & Mentor to highly sensitive, intense, and gifted/talented/2e adults.

Gifted Coaching


Hi, I'm Roxanne, a counselor, coach, consultant, and writer specializing in personal development for individuals who are any combination and measure of intense, driven, complex, sensitive/empathic, or "gifted." I help gifted folks who are stressed, frustrated and confused to make their way in this world of presumed averages.

Societal stigma and long-held misconceptions falsely endorse that "gifted" means "superior," refers strictly to exceptional intellectual capacity, and suggests life is more accessible or better. If you know you're gifted, you also know this couldn't be further from the truth. Besides having non-intellectual-related needs going unchecked by our culture, the workplace, family, and friends, being gifted often means being envied, bullied, lonely, manipulated, internally conflicted, under/overstimulated, and existentially stressed, anxious, and depressed. Feeling isolated, alone, and like "something is wrong with me," gifted individuals may resort to excessive people-pleasing, living the "safe life," under/overexerting their skillful qualities, engaging in unhealthy relationships and behaviors, denying their true selves, and living false lives...all for the sake of trying to fit in somehow.

Been there. Done that.

Fortunately, after years of ignorance and frustration about my own "gifted" identity and related life challenges, I've learned how to understand, embrace, and harness my gifted traits so I can wake up most mornings and look forward to doing life (without self-loathing, second-guessing my place in the world, or needlessly worrying about what everyone else is thinking about me). And now, I want to help other gifted persons do the same...

Are you a highly sensitive, intense, or gifted person, or do you suspect you might be? My coaching services can help you if you're struggling with existential stress/crises, personal or professional relationship challenges, and life-career uncertainty. Working collaboratively in the safety of our professional, non-judgemental relationship, I will help you:

  • Embrace your identity so you can courageously do what you need to do to get what you want in life
  • Improve your relationship with yourself, others, and your spirituality so you can explore your life's possibilities from a place of healthy belonging
  • Increase your mental resiliency to navigate life's challenges as an intense/driven/ complex/empathic person
  • Design your life on the possibility that exists between your gifts, career, and higher purpose
  • Access your spirituality/creativity to support you on your life's journey



How we see ourselves shapes our behaviors, and our actions dictate the results we get in our lives. This intensive, six-month, one-to-one program is designed to help you create an identity that'll support your mental/emotional well-being while contributing to the world with your gifts. Exploring who you want to be in your health, career, creativity, and relationships, I'll help raise your awareness about challenges, solutions, resources, and progress as you successfully live as your designed future self today.



Psychological flexibility is the ability to fully experience our thoughts and emotions without avoiding, suppressing, or overly identifying with them so we can live a quality life of values-based meaning. This one-to-one, 8-week acceptance and commitment training program will guide you through the six primary psychological flexibility techniques to grow your resiliency as a gifted adult who must successfully navigate a world built on averages -- an often emotionally frustrating and arduous task.


Gifted, talented, and twice-exceptional adults often struggle within their careers and professional relationships, especially because of their drive, intensity, and multiple interests and potentials. Because our careers account for a significant aspect of our lives and well-being, it is beneficial to swiftly and directly address career issues. This one-to-one, 6-week career design program aims to provide fast and effective solutions for making career decisions and changes that you can feel confident executing.


Because gifted adults struggle with fitting in and feeling like something is "wrong" with them, it's not uncommon for them to experience existential and spiritual crises such as existential depression and a "dark night of the soul." Getting to the other side of these painful experiences with help from someone who's been there can make the process more bearable and enlightening. This one-to-one spiritual counseling space provides you weekly support and understanding for as long as you need it.


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